a lingusitic ‘what’s wrong with this picture?’ problem

came across this on the myspace bulletins:


The Importance of Speaking and Understanding English Language in the USA

A Texan is walking through a field, sees a Mexican drinking water from a pool with one cupped hand.
The Texan shouts to the Mexican……………..
“Hey don’t drink that water ……. It has cow poop in it!
The Mexican shouts back “Soy mexicano, yo no entiendo inglés. Hábleme español.”. (I’m Mexican, I don’t speak English. Speak Spanish to me.)
The Texan shouts back: “Utilice ambas manos, usted conseguirá más
Parabeber.”…………………….. (Use both hands, you’ll get more to drink.)
Oh yeah, Mexicans DEMAND that we learn THEIR LANGUAGE
So WE can communicate with THEM.

Why can’t people see how ridiculous this is!
If you agree, pass this on (in English).

If not blow it off……… Along with your future Social Security funds, and a lot of other things!!!


hint: language ideologies and ideologies of language

answer key in the next blog.

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2 Responses to “a lingusitic ‘what’s wrong with this picture?’ problem”

  • nonstandardreader says:

    I see your point but I also think their are situations in which desperation causes a person to flee their country. In that sense, I would understand that learning English may not be their first priority. There is however only a small grace period of sympathy for this. At some point they should at least be making an effort to learn after a few months.

  • Don’t rub it in about Social Security. I’m a boomer albeit one of the later ones.

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